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The Cleveland Health Network (CHN) is comprised of more than 8,000 practitioners and over 300 facility providers. Tier 1 consists of Cleveland Clinic Quality Alliance (QA) network providers, non-QA providers directly contracted for the Employee Health Plan, Cleveland Clinic Health System facilities and facilities directly contracted for the Employee Health Plan. Tier 2 consists of the Midwest Health Collaborative (MHC).  MHC is a group of health systems, their employed physicians, and some independent physicians, across the state of Ohio. Tier 3 consists of the Medical Mutual Traditional Network for Ohio and First Health outside the state of Ohio. Use our search tool below to find providers within the Cleveland Health Network or your employee health plan.
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The Tier 2 provider network is Midwest Health Collaborative (MHC).  The Midwest Health Collaborative (MHC) is a consortia of health systems, providers, and clinically integrated organizations dedicated to delivering exceptional clinical outcomes and increased satisfaction at lower costs. Website:

Tier 3 consists of the Medical Mutual Traditional Network for Ohio and First Health outside the state of Ohio.
•    Medical Mutual Traditional Network – a network of providers within the state of Ohio.
     Website: and click on “Traditional”.
•    First Health – a network of providers outside the state of Ohio.

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