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Hypertension:  Learn the importance of routine home blood pressure monitoring in combination with medication, diet and exercise compliance to prevent long-term health complications.  
The hurdles this program discusses are:
  • Having a blood pressure cuff and knowing how to use it.
  • Having a prescription for medications for your high blood pressure.
  • Knowing how to limit your sodium to 2000mg or less per day.
  • Having a regular exercise routine.
  • Knowing what special lab work you need and how often you should have it.
  • Goal blood pressure <140/90 (<130/80 if diabetic) or moving toward that goal.
Along with hypertension-related office visit co-payment reimbursement, you can have the cost of a blood pressure monitor (up to $55.00) reimbursed to you when you reach all of the hurdles of this program. After 6 months of uninterrupted compliance with your treatment plan and you could be eligible for hypertension prescription co-payment reimbursements, too.

If you have a medical care question that we can be of assistance with, the Care Management department can be reached at 216-986-1050 or 1-888-246-6648 during regular business hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  A confidential voicemail box is available to accept non-urgent messages after hours.

To see if you qualify for the Hypertension Care Management Program, please fill out the following form.

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