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Heart Failure

Heart Failure (CHF):  Learn how to improve and maintain your activity level by tracking your weight, watching your sodium intake and recognizing symptoms early enough to prevent congestion in your lungs.  

The hurdles you will address in this program are:
  • Do you weigh yourself everyday?
  • Do you have/need a prescription for medications for your CHF?
  • Do you know how to limit your sodium to 200mg or less per day?
  • Do you monitor your fluid intake?
  • Do you manage any breathing problems?
  • Do you have a regular exercise routine?  Keep an exercise log?
  • Do you know what special lab work you need and how often you should have it? (kidney function tests for adverse effects of medications)
  • Do you know your Ejection Fraction (EF)?  When was it measured?
  • Goal blood pressure <140/90 (<130/80 if diabetic) Are you moving toward that goal?
  • Do you get the flu shot and pneumonia vaccine?

Along with heart failure-related office visit co-payment reimbursement, you can have the cost of a bathroom scale (up to $40.00) reimbursed to you when you reach all of the hurdles of this program. After 6 months of uninterrupted compliance with your treatment plan and you could be eligible for heart failure prescription co-payment reimbursements, too.

If you have a medical care question that we can be of assistance with, the Care Management department can be reached at 216-986-1050 or 1-888-246-6648 during regular business hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  A confidential voicemail box is available to accept non-urgent messages after hours.

To see if you qualify for the Heart Failure Care Management Program, please fill out the following form.

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