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Disease Management

CHN has a staff of registered nurses who will work closely with you and your doctors to provide you with valuable information about your condition, including ways to monitor progress and prevent complications.  CHN Disease Self Management Programs focus on education and self-management strategies, with a goal of improving overall health and promoting the best quality of life.  These programs do not replace your physician’s care.  They are designed to complement your doctor’s care, reinforcing recommendations so you stay healthier between office visits.  The programs are offered at no extra cost to you and participation is completely voluntary.

Features of the programs are based on individual specific health issues and may include:
  • Monthly phone assessment interviews from a Registered Nurse Care Manager
  • Educational Mailings
  • Referral to community resources
  • Referral to informative websites

Each program has hurdles to self-management success.  Upon conquering all of the hurdles, you may qualify for additional incentives such as physician office visit co-payment reimbursement. 


Asthma (for adults and children):  Learn how to identify and avoid personal asthma triggers and how to self-manage your condition using an asthma action plan.  Children can receive a free computer game that teaches valuable information in a format designed just for them.  

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): learn how to self-manage this often symptom-free condition through nutrition, diet, medication and regular monitoring through periodic physician visits and blood tests.

Depression (for adults and children)

Learn how working with an appropriate therapist, along with the right medications, can help you balance a more effective response to depressed mood stressors and triggers.


Diabetes (for adults and children):  Learn how to control this condition through nutrition, diet, medication and regular monitoring through periodic physician visits and blood tests for hemoglobin A1c, cholesterol and kidney function. 

Heart Failure

Heart Failure (CHF):  Learn how to improve and maintain your activity level by tracking your weight, watching your sodium intake and recognizing symptoms early enough to prevent congestion in your lungs.


Hypertension:  Learn the importance of routine home blood pressure monitoring in combination with medication, diet and exercise compliance to prevent long-term health complications.


Migraine:  Learn how to keep a headache diary to help identify and avoid your specific triggers and recognizing early signs of a migraine.   Learn the difference between prophylactic and abortive medications and which kinds you should talk to your doctor about.  

Weight Management

Weight Management (for adults): Participate in a weight loss program of your choosing and a clinical coach will track your progress and provide encouragement.

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